Key Researcher(s):  Geotech Ltd.ArrayJ. M. LoganArrayM. BatesArrayW. Jackaman

Project ID(s):  2007-Q002, 2007-Q003, 2007-Q004, 2007-Q005, 2007-Q006

Key Research Organization(s):  British Columbia Geological Survey, Geotech Ltd., Noble Exploration Services Ltd., Sander Geophysics Ltd.

Project Location:  Central Interior

Strategic Focus Area:  Minerals


Geoscience BC's QUEST Project, initiated in 2007, is a program of regional geochemical and geophysical surveys designed to attract the mineral exploration industry to an under-explored region of British Columbia between Williams Lake and Mackenize. The QUEST Project is focused on the Quesnel Terrane, which has good potential for copper and gold porphyry deposits, but in this region is covered by a thick layer of sand and gravel left behind by glaciers.

The project area covers part of British Columbia heavily affected by the Mountain Pine Beetle (MPB) infestation, which has created an enormous economic challenge for BC and its affected communities. Geoscience BC hopes that the results of this project will help stimulate exploration activity which in turn will lead to diversification opportunities for the communities in the MPB area. This $5 Million project is funded by Geoscience BC with supporting funding from the Northern Development Initiative Trust.

Geoscience BC's QUEST Project included two airborne geophysical surveys: an airborne electromagnetic (EM) survey and an airborne gravity survey, which give insight into the conductivity and density of the rocks. The results of the two airborne surveys are an important tool for industry looking to understand the geology in the QUEST Project area. The QUEST Project also included the reanalysis of almost 5000 archived regional geochemical samples from parts of NTS sheets 93A, B, G, H, K and N, and the collecion of 2200 new geochemical samples north and west of Prince George. This new geochemical data is helping industry to identify new exploration targets.

Click here for a pdf file showing the location and the UTM coordinates of the QUEST geophysical surveys. For a shapefile of the QUEST geophysical survey outline, click here.