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An Investigation Using SiroSOM for the Analysis of QUEST Stream-Sediment, Lake Sediment and Water Data

Lead Researcher(s):  S. Fraser

Project ID:  2008-005

Key Research Organization(s):  CSIRO Exploration and Mining

Project Location:  Central Interior

Strategic Focus Area:  Minerals


CSIRO Exploration & Mining has used a Self-Organizing Map approach to analyze a database of stream and lake sediment geochemical analytical results compiled and collected as part of the Geoscience BC's QUEST Project.

Nechako and Anahim Survey AreaThe study's objective was to use CSIRO's implementation of the Self-Organizing Map (SiroSOM) to identify patterns and establish relationships amongst the various stream sediment and lake sediment geochermical data that may be indicative of geochemical dispersion related to mineralization. Anomalous samples and some spatially-coherent responses for some elements result from the study.

Sample point data, extracted from the levelled and imputed elemental grids produced by Barnett and Williams (2009) were used as inputs to this study. The levelled and imputed grids were intersected by the sample point locations and the relevant grid (elemental) values subsequently assigned to the sample point location and number. The input data set consisted of some 15,020 samples each with 42 elemental values.