Key Researcher(s):  F. A. M. Devine

Project ID(s):  2010-002

Key Research Organization(s):  Merlin Geosciences

Project Location:  Central Interior

Focus Area:  Minerals


Porphyry Integration Project

Geoscience BC has launched a 1.5 to 2 year project to determine the geochemical, geological and geophysical signatures for select alkalic and calc-alkalic porphyry districts through compilation, interrogation and interpretation of public, and where possible, company datasets. The project will build on existing data and research collected through Geoscience BC's QUEST projects (QUEST, QUEST-West, and QUEST-South) to maximize the value of that investment. It will incorporate results from the various research projects into an integrated model for porphyry system discovery in BC. In addition, the project includes one targeted geochemistry project that will complement the existing geochemical data and research. The project consists of three modules that are coordinated by Geoscience BC and are led by consultants in collaboration with MDRU. The final product will include case studies of approximately ten porphyry deposits as well as a revised understanding of porphyry footprints in BC at local, district and where possible, regional scales to assist in guiding future exploration projects.

The Geoscience BC project team is led by three principal technical members:

  • Dave Heberlein (Geochemistry module)
  • Peter Kowalczyk (Geophysics module)
  • Fionnuala Devine (Geology module)

The Mineral Deposit Research Unit (University of British Columbia) also has collaborated on the project. Fred Blaine contributed geochemical data from an MDRU project developing geochemical models for BC porphyry deposits Dianne Mitchinson completed a Geoscience BC-supported post-doc project working on geophysical inversions of select BC porphyry deposits. Her work has been incorporated into the Porphyry Integration Project.

For more information on this project, please contact Geoscience BC at


  • Posters and Presentations

    2011: Porphyry Integration Project: Integrating Exploration Data Sets in BC Porphyry Districts to Identify Effective Tools for BC Deposits in Emerging Districts

    – Mineral Exploration Roundup Conference 2011 Poster (pdf, 4.4 MB)

  • Technical Articles

    2012: “Porphyry Integration Project: bringing together geoscience and exploration datasets for British Columbia’s porphyry districts”

    – Summary of Activities 2011, Report 2012-1 p. 19-28 (pdf, 5.4 MB)


    2011: “Porphyry Integration Project: combining British Columbia’s Wealth of datasets with modern exploration geoscience at the district scale to provide new insight into porphyry-deposit exploration strategies”

    – Summary of Activities 2010, Report 2011-1 p.1-4 (pdf, 2.9 MB)

  • Final Deliverables

    Geoscience BC Report 2016-10

    A geo-exploration atlas of the Mount Polley porphyry copper-gold district, south-central British Columbia

    This atlas combines the most up-to-date geological mapping in the Mount Polley district with available exploration datasets from historical geophysical and surface geochemical surveys. Valuable data contributions from Imperial Metals Corp have enriched the Atlas significantly. Maps are at scales of 1:250,000, 1:50,000 and 1:20,000, allowing comparision between the regional and more specific district-scale features that characterize Mount Polley.


    Geoscience BC Report 2015-08

    A Geo-exploration Atlas of the Endako Porphyry Molybdenum District (Final version)
    Geoscience BC Report 2015-08 is an atlas of maps that summarizes the geology, geophysics and geochemistry of the Endako porphyry molybdenum district. Quartz-molybdenite veins were first discovered in the area in 1927, and the Endako mine was opened in 1965. In this atlas, the early exploration data as well as geological mapping at the district and mine scale are combined with more recent geophysics and satellite imagery to provide an integrated, exploration-oriented view of BC’s premier porphyry molybdenum district. This atlas was produced in partnership with Thompson Creek Mining Ltd. through the Porphyry Integration Project.

    Geoscience BC Report 2014-08
    Geology of the Mount Polley Intrusive Complex (Final version)
    This report presents the final PDF map with accompanying data for the geology of the Mount Polley porphyry copper-gold deposit in central BC. The currently operating Mount Polley mine has focused on several individual mineralized zones that are hosted by hydrothermal breccias associated with emplacement of Late Triassic-age alkalic monzonitic to dioritic rocks within Quesnel terrane. This map is based on several years of work by Imperial Metals Corporation geologists and includes lithology and structural layers, as well as mineralization and alteration maps that draw on surface observations as well as the detailed drill hole database in the mine area. It was produced in partnership with Imperial Metals Corporation through Geoscience BC’s Porphyry Integration Project.

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