Key Researcher(s):  Sander Geophysics Ltd.ArrayW. Jackaman

Project ID(s):  2009-QS002, 2009-QS003, 2009-QS004

Key Research Organization(s):  Noble Exploration Services Ltd., Sander Geophysics Ltd.

Project Location:  Southern BC

Strategic Focus Area:  Minerals


QUEST-South applies the QUEST and QUEST-West Project approach to British Columbia's southern interior. The project will create new geoscience information over an area of QUEST-South Project Area130,000 km2 from Williams Lake to the USA border, and aid mineral exploration companies in their quest to make new discoveries.

QUEST-South will include a new airborne gravity survey which covers 45,000 km2 between Williams Lake and the USA border, a new ground geochemical survey in the Merritt area, and the reanalysis of almost 9000 existing geochemical samples over eight 1:250 000 NTS mapsheets (an area of approximately 126,000 km2).

Click here for a shapefile of the QUEST-South geophysical survey outline.