Summary of Activities 2021: Minerals

ISSN 2562-8623 (Print) / ISSN 2562-8631 (Online)

Geoscience BC, Report 2022-01

Geoscience BC Summary of Activities 2021: Minerals, contains 9 papers from Geoscience BC-funded projects or scholarship recipients that are within Geoscience BC's strategic focus area of minerals.  An additional 10 papers from ongoing Energy and Water geoscience projects can be found in the companion volume Summary of Activities 2021: Energy and Water.

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Summary of Activities 2021: Minerals
Individual Papers
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Note: Also contains the document title page, publishing information and table of contents
Identifying New Natural Resource Opportunities
D.A. Sacco, B. Janzen and W. Jackaman
Mineral Exploration in the Central Interior Copper-Gold Research Projects Area, Central British Columbia: New Tools for a Proven Approach to Exploration Under Cover
(PDF document, 2.4 MB)
K.A. Damant and E. Enkelmann
Upper-Crustal Cooling History of the Intermontane Belt in Southern British Columbia
(PDF document, 3.8 MB)
P. Voegeli and P. Lecumberri-Sanchez
Spectral and Geochemical Characterization of the Silver Pond Argillic–Advanced Argillic Alteration Lithocap, Lawyers Property, Toodoggone District, North-Central British Columbia
(PDF document, 9.5 MB)
V.K. Kuppusamy and M.E. Holuszko
Development of Rare-Earth Elements Database for the East Kootenay Coalfield of Southeastern British Columbia Using Field-Collected Samples: Updated Results
(PDF document, 1.7 MB)
Advancing Science and Innovative Geoscience Technologies
B.P. Iulianella Phillips, R.L. Simister, P.M. Luck, C.J.R. Hart and S.A. Crowe
Microbial Sensing of Sulphide Mineralization, Southern British Columbia and Vancouver Island
(PDF document, 2.9 MB)
B.J. Williams, W.C. Gardner, C.W. Mason and L.H. Fraser
Using Traditional Indigenous Knowledge of Prescribed Burning as a Tool to Shift a Reclaimed Tailings Storage Facility in Southern British Columbia Dominated by Agronomic Grass to a Native Plant Community
(PDF document, 4.2 MB)
B. Yang, D. Elmo and D. Stead
Revisiting Rock Engineering Empirical Standards in the Era of Machine Learning to Benefit the Mineral Resources Sector in British Columbia
(PDF document, 99 KB)
S. Hendi, E. Eberhardt and M. Gorjian
Investigating the Effect of Contributory Factors on the Response of Fibre Optic Cable for Underground Monitoring of Geological Stress in British Columbia
(PDF document, 1.9 MB)
D. Adria, S. McDougall and S.G. Evans
Parametric Method for Tailings-Dam Breaches and its Application to the Breach Event at the Mount Polley Mine, South-Central British Columbia
(PDF document, 7.8 MB)