Summary of Activities 2019: Minerals

ISSN 2562-8623(Print) / ISSN 2562-8631(Online)

Geoscience BC, Report 2020-01

Geoscience BC Summary of Activities 2019: Minerals includes 20 papers from ongoing and completed Minerals geoscience projects. Authors include both Geoscience BC-supported researchers and Scholarship winners. An additional 15 papers from ongoing Energy and Water geoscience projects can be found in the companion volume Summary of Activities 2019: Energy and Water.


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Summary of Activities 2019: Minerals
Individual Papers
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Identifying New Natural Resource Opportunities
B.K. Clift, T.A Ballantyne and C.L. Pellett
Vancouver Island North Regional Project: Airborne Magnetic and Radiometric Survey, British Columbia
(PDF document, 1.9 MB)
R.A Morris and D. Canil
Skarn Mineralization Along Magma-Carbonate Contacts in the Merry Widow Mountain Area, Vancouver Island, British Columbia
(PDF document, 10.9 MB)
A.R. Branson, C.A. Walter, G.R. Olivio, A. Braun and G. Fotopoulos
Geophysical Exploration for Podiform Chromite Occurences in the Quesnel Terrane, South-Central British Columbia
(PDF document, 23 MB)
T. Hoy, R. Friedman and J. Gabites
Porphyry, Base-Metal and Gold Potential in the Boundary Area, Southern British Columbia
(PDF document, 4.5 MB)
N.A. Rioseco, D.R.M. Pattison and A. Camacho
Biotite and Muscovite 40Ar/39Ar ages from the Purcell Anticlimorium and the Kootenay Arc, Southeastern British Columbia
(PDF document, 10 MB)
V.K. Kuppusamy and M.E. Holuszko
Development of a Database of Rare-Earth Element Occurences and Characteristics for the East Kootenay Coalfields of Southeastern British Columbia: Propose Work
(PDF document, 767 KB)
E.C. Grunsky and D. C. Arne
Mineral-Resources Prediction using Advanced Data Analytics and Machine Learning of the QUEST-South Stream Sediment Geochemical Data, Southwestern British Columbia
(PDF document, 25 MB)
R. J. Murphy, R. J. Chapman, J.K. Mortensen, B. Bluemel and D. A Banks
Atlas of Gold Compositions for British Columbia: Developing a New Tool for the Exploration Community
(PDF document, 7.6 MB)
D. A. Sacco, W. Jackaman and C. McGregor
Mineral Exploration in Central British Columbia’s Thick Surficial Deposits: Surficial Mapping to Inform Surface Sediment Data Compilation and Till Sample Reanalysis and Collection in the Central Interior Copper-Gold Research Project Area
(PDF document, 2 MB)
Advancing Science and Innovative Geoscience Technologies
R.E. Lett, D.A Sacco, B. Elder and W. Jackaman
Real-Time Detection of Bedrock Mineralization and Geological Faults Beneath Glacial Deposits in Central British Columbia using Onside Soil Gas Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen Analysis by Electronic Gas Sensors
(PDF document, 5 MB)
C.E. Dunn and D. R. Heberlein
Geochemical Investigation of Halogens in Spruce Treetops and Integration with Existing Multi-Element Data from the Blackwater Region and TREK Project Area, Central British Columbia
(PDF document, 2.6 MB)
W. Jackaman and R.E. Lett
Advancing the Utility of the British Columbia Regional Geochemical Survey Database using Indicator Minerals Derived from a Regional Bulk Stream-Sediment Survey, Boundary District, South-Central British Columbia
(PDF document, 2.3 MB)
F. Bouzari, R.G. Lee, C.J.R. Hart and B.I. van Straaten
Porphyry Vectoring within Advanced Argillic-Altered Rocks of British Columbia
(PDF document, 6.4 MB)
M.L. Mackay, L. Giroux, R.L. Leeder, H. Dexter, J. Halko, M. Holuszko and D. Thomas
Producing Clean Coal from British Columbia Coalfields using the Water-Based Roben Jig Process: Application to an Industrial Setting
(PDF document, 1 MB)
J.A. Cutts, G.M. Dipple, C.J.R. Hart and D. Milidragovic
Assessment of the Carbon Mineralization Potential of British Columbia by Quantifying the Response of Physical Properties to the Alteration of Ultramafic Rocks
(PDF document, 3.4 MB)
N.D. Barlow, J.R. Barlow and J. G. McArthur
Logging SEDAR: A Better Access Road to New Mineral-Occurrence Records in British Columbia
(PDF document, 1 MB)
A. Randell, A. Whistler and J. Moffat
Digitizing British Columbia’s Geological Heritage
(PDF document, 2.2 MB)
A. Ledwon and C. Ogryzlo
Progress Report on the Smithers Exploration Group’s Rock Room (Northwestern British Columbia)
(PDF document, 1 MB)
C.A Gervan, W.C. Gardner, E.M. Bottos, J.D. Van Hamme, R.J Higgins and L. H. Fraser
Invertebrate Response to Mine Reclamation (South-Central British Columbia): The Effects of Reclamation Age on Arthopod Assemblages
(PDF document, 1.4 MB)
A.M. Fischer, L.H. Fraser, J.D. Van Hamme, E.M. Bottos and W.C. Gardner
Post-Mining Reclamation in South-Central British Columbia: Investigating Microbial and Geochemical Changes in Topsoil Stockpiles in Opencast Mining
(PDF document, 10.7 MB)