Individual Papers
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Facilitating Responsible Natural Resource Development     
P.A. Monahan, B.J. Hayes, M.Perra, Y. Mykula, J. Clarke, B. Galambos, D. Griffiths, O. Bayarsaikhan and U. Oki
Amplification of Seismic Ground Motion in the Fort St. John-Dawson Creek Area, Northeastern British Columbia
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A. Babaie Mahani
Systematic Study of Earthquake Source Mechanism and Regional Stress Field in the Southern Montney Unconventional Play of Northeastern British Columbia
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P. Wozniakowska and D.W. Eaton
Determination of Factors Controlling Geological Susceptibility to Induced Seismicity in the Montney Formation, Northeastern British Columbia and Northwestern Alberta, Based on a Machine-Learning Approach
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A.M.M. Bustin, D.J. Jones, J. Ou and G.R.L. Chalmers
Monitoring Induced Seismicity in the Montney Play, Northeastern British Columbia
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M.P. Roth, R.M. Harrington and Y. Liu
Velocity-Structure Imaging Based on Seismological Observations Close to Hydraulic Fracturing Sites Near Dawson Creek, Northeastern British Columbia
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Advancing Science and Innovative Geoscience Technologies
G.R.L. Chalmers, R.M. Bustin and A.A. Bustin 
Hydrogen Sulphide within the Triassic Montney Formation, Northeastern British Columbia and Northwestern Alberta
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P.D. Gonzalez, C.M. Furlong, M.K. Gingras and J.P. Zonneveld
Facies Analysis and Depositional Setting of the Lower Triassic Montney Formation in Northeastern British Columbia, Western Canada Sedimentary Basin
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P.L. Silva and R.M. Bustin
Hydrocarbon-Generation Kinetics of the Doig Formation, Northeastern British Columbia and West-Central Alberta
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Enabling Clean Energy
M.J. Whiticar, C. Evans
BC Natural Gas Atlas: Creation of the Geochemical Database for Northeastern British Columbia
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M.J. Whiticar, D. Hollenbeck, B. Billwiller, C.J. Salas and L.E. Christensen – Coming soon
Application of the BC GHGMapper TM platform for the Alberta Methane Field Challenge
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S.E. Grasby, S.M. Ansari, A. Calahorrano-Di Patre, Z. Chen, J.A. Craven, J. Dettmer, H. Gilbert, C. Hanneson, M. Harris, J. Liu, M. Muhammad, K. Russell, R.O. Salvage, G. Savard,    V. Tschirhart, M. J. Unsworth, N. Vigouroux-Caillibot and G. Williams-Jones
Geothermal Resource Potential of the Garibaldi Volcanic Belt, Southwestern British Columbia
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A. Van Acken and T. Gleeson
Preliminary Field Investigations of Sloquet Hot Springs, Southwestern British Columbia
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T.D. Finley, S.T. Johnston, M.J. Unsworth, J. Banks, D. Pana and C. Hanneson
Structural Settings of Convective Hydrothermal Systems in Southeastern British Columbia
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Understanding Water
B. Ladd, A. G. Cahill, M. Goetz, A. Allen, L. Welch, B. Mayer, C. van Gelovan, D. Kirste and R.D. Beckie
Installation of a Purpose-Built Groundwater Monitoring Well Network to Characterize Groundwater Methane in the Peace Region, Northeastern British Columbia
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A.G. Cahill, B. Ladd, J. Chao, J. Soares, T. Cary, N. Finke, C. Manning, A.L. Popp, C. Chopra, K.U. Mayer, A. Black, R. Lauer, C. van Geloven, L. Welch, S. Crowe, B. Mayer and R.D. Beckie
Controlled Natural Gas Release Experiment in a Confined Aquifer, Northeastern British Columbia: Activity Report 2018-2019
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