Geoscience BC Report 2012-4

Results from a Pilot Airborne Electromagnetic Survey, Horn River Basin, British Columbia
Data and Reports by SkyTEM Canada Inc. Horn River Basin, B.C.

Report Components

  • Block 1 (Stone Mountain) (zip, 577 MB)
  • Block 2 (Quicksilver) (zip, 481 MB)
  • Block 3 (EOG) (zip, 512 MB)
  • Block 4 (Imperial) (zip, 461 MB)

  • Location Map (pdf, 1 MB)

    Report Description
    Geoscience BC Report 2012-4 presents the results of a collaborative airborne electromagnetic geophysical survey. This pilot survey, which was undertaken in April 2011 by SkyTEM Canada Inc, is focused on examining the applicability of airborne electromagnetic surveys to mapping near-surface groundwater in northeast British Columbia.

    The survey includes four non-contiguous blocks in the Horn River Basin region, flown over ground held by Horn River Basin Producers Group member companies. Over 2400 line-km of electromagnetic and magnetic data were collected over the four blocks held by EOG Resources Canada, Imperial Oil Resources, Quicksilver and Stone Mountain Resources, at a 200 metre line-spacing. Each data package above includes includes a report and data files (electromagnetic and magnetic data and inversion results) for the given block.

    This electromagnetic survey is part of Phase II of the collaborative Horn River Basin Water Study led by Geoscience BC and the Horn River Basin Producers Group, which is undertaking baseline research on water resources in the Horn River Basin. In addition to the electromagnetic survey released today, Phase II work includes a three-year surface study of the quantity and quality of surface water sources, and a continuation of the study of deep saline aquifers undertaken in Phase I.

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