Geoscience BC Report 2010-11

Horn River Basin Aquifer Characterization Project Geological Report
(NTS 94I, 93J, 94O & 94P)
by Petrel Robertson Consulting Ltd.

Report Components
  • Report (pdf, 11MB)
  • Appendices and Supplementary Data
  • Summary Presentation (pdf, 11MB)
  • The full report (including appendices, cross-sections, maps, water test data and summary presentation) is also available upon request from Geoscience BC. For more information, please contact .

Report Description
In October 2008, Geoscience BC announced a $5 million program to undertake geoscience studies in the Horn River Basin, focused on identifying and evaluating deep geological water sources for shale gas production. The $3.5 million Phase I research was supported by $5 million of in-kind contributions from the Horn River Basin Producers Group to provide confidential data from their drilling activities for Geoscience BC to analyze and interpret.

Phase I results include:

  • A Horn River Basin stratigraphic framework for hydrogeological and deep aquifer analysis.
  • Aquifer and fluid data from deep water wells that may be used for water source and fluid disposal.
  • Systematic hydrogeological investigation of potential aquifers in the Horn River Basin to quantify and map reservoir capacity and productivity / injectivity potential.

Suggested Reference
Petrel Robertson Consulting Ltd. (2010): Horn River Basin Aquifer Characterization Project - Geological Report; Geoscience BC, Report 2010-11, 192 p.

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