Summary of Activities 2018: Energy and Water

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Summary of Activities 2018: Energy and WaterGeoscience BC, Report 2019-02

Geoscience BC Summary of Activities 2018: Energy and Water includes 13 papers from ongoing and completed Oil and Gas, Geothermal and Water geoscience projects. Authors include both Geoscience BC-supported researchers and Scholarship winners. An additional 12 papers from ongoing Minerals and Mining geoscience projects can be found in the companion volume Summary of Activities 2018: Minerals and Mining.

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Individual Papers
Foreword (PDF document, 1.8 MB) Note: Also contains the document title page, publishing information and table of contents
Identifying New Natural Resource Opportunities
T.K. Wilson and R.M. Bustin  Basin Modelling and Thermal History of the Horn River and Liard basins, Cordova Embayment, and Adjacent Parts of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin  (PDF document, 7.5 MB)
P.L. Silva and R.M. Bustin  Variability and Controls on the Matrix Permeability of the Doig Formation in Northeastern British Columbia  (PDF document, 3.4 MB)
A. Kunert, B. Kendall, T.F. Moslow, G. Nyberg, B. Pederson and C. Smith  Preliminary Characterization of Early Jurassic Source Rocks and Ocean-Redox Conditions Based on Trace-Metal and Organic Geochemistry of the Gordondale and Poker Chip Shale Members, Fernie Formation, Northeastern British Columbia  (PDF document, 2.1 MB)
Advancing Science and Innovative Geoscience Technologies
G.R.L. Chalmers, R.M. Bustin and A.A. Bustin  Stratigraphic and Lateral Distribution of Hydrogen Sulphide within the Triassic Montney Formation, Northern Regional Play Area, Northeastern British Columbia and Northwestern Alberta  (PDF document, 1.3 MB)
Facilitating Responsible Natural Resource Development
A. Babaie Mahani and H. Kao  Local Magnitude Scale for Earthquakes in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin, Northeastern British Columbia and Northwestern Alberta  (PDF document, 2.2 MB)
A.M.M. Bustin, E.O. Munson, D.J. Jones and G.R.L. Chalmers  Ground-Motion Data from Seismicity Induced in the Southern Montney Formation, Northeastern British Columbia  (PDF document, 1.6 MB)
J. Onwuemeka, R.M. Harrington, Y. Liu and H. Kao  Source Properties of Earthquakes Around Hydraulicfracturing Sites Near Dawson Creek, Northeastern British Columbia  (PDF document, 0.3 MB)
Enabling Clean Energy
M.J. Whiticar, L.E. Christensen, C.J. Salas and P. Reece  GHGMap: Detection of Fugitive Methane Leaks from Natural Gas Pipelines, British Columbia and Alberta  (PDF document, 4.6 MB)
C. Evans  Molecular Composition and Isotope Mapping of Natural Gas in the British Columbia Natural Gas Atlas  (PDF document, 1.7 MB)
R.K. Warwick, G. Williams-Jones, J. Witter and M.C. Kelman  Comprehensive Volcanic-Hazard Map for Mount Meager Volcano, Southwestern British Columbia  (PDF document, 2.3 MB)
Understanding Water
A.G. Cahill, B. Ladd, J. Chao, J. Soares, T. Cary, N. Finke, C. Manning, C. Chopra, I. Hawthorne, O.N. Forde, K.U. Mayer, A. Black, S. Crowe, B. Mayer, R. Lauer, C. van Geloven, L. Welch and R.D. Beckie  Implementation and Operation of a Multidisciplinary Field Investigation Involving a Subsurface Controlled Natural Gas Release, Northeastern British Columbia  (PDF document, 3.9 MB)
A.G. Cahill, R.D. Beckie, M. Goetz, A. Allen, B. Ladd, L. Welch, D. Kirste, B. Mayer, C. van Geloven  Characterizing Dissolved Methane in Groundwater in the Peace Region, Northeastern British Columbia, Using a Regional, Dedicated, Groundwater Monitoring Well Network  (PDF document, 19.2 MB)
K.M. Haynes, O.A. Carpino, R.F. Connon, É. Devoie and W.L. Quinton  Thaw-Induced Land-Cover Change in the Southern Margin of Discontinuous Permafrost, Northeastern British Columbia and Southwestern Northwest Territories  (PDF document, 3.1 MB)