South Nechako Basin & Cariboo Basin Geochemical Data Release

August 29, 2007- Geoscience BC is pleased to announce the release of Geoscience BC Report 2007-6 "Regional Drainage Sediment and Water Geochemical Data South Nechako Basin & Cariboo Basin, Central British Columbia (parts of NTS 92N, O, P, 93A & B)", by Wayne Jackaman, which contains new lake sediment and water data covering over 16,000 square kilometers of previously un-surveyed ground in central BC, and represents a significant addition to the provincial geochemical database.

Click here to download Geoscience BC Report 2007-6. 

Survey results include information on sample site locations, field observations and analytical data and maps for a total of 1451 sample points. Each sample has been determined for a range of base metals, precious metals and path-finder elements using advanced multi-element analytical techniques.

Drainage sediment and water geochemical data provides valuable information on the abundance of base and precious metals in the environment. Survey results can be used to locate sources of mineralization as well as assist in the identification of underlying bedrock geology. This type of information is used by the mining sector to focus exploration activities into areas that are considered to be prospective for new discoveries.

Used in combination with other mineral exploration tools, detailed investigations of this new geochemical information will help identify areas of mineral potential and provide a greater understanding of the complex geological conditions associated with the survey area.

Geoscience BC Report 2007-6 is the final report for Geoscience BC Project 2006-013.

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