Skeena Arch Metallogenic Data and Map

June 6, 2007- Geoscience BC is pleased to announce to the release of the Skeena Arch Metallogenic Data and Map (NTS map sheets 093E, L, M; south half of 094D, east half of 103I and southeast corner of 103P) by Don MacIntyre.

Geoscience BC Report 2007-5/Geofile 2007-3 presents the geology and mineral deposits of the Skeena Arch area of west central British Columbia. This digital report is the primary vehicle for distributing map-based geoscience data for this project, and contains a link to the project's interactive map hosted on the Ministry of Energy Mines and Petroleum Resources MapPlace website. This project was funded by Geoscience BC.

A key objective of the Skeena Arch project is to generate a series of GIS compatible data files that could be downloaded and incorporated into standard GIS software packages. The files are available as ESRI shape files as this format can be used in almost all commercially available GIS packages including ESRI's free Arc Explorer. Two projections are currently available -- UTM and Geographic. Also included for download is a Manifold GIS Map file that contains all of the layers used to build the Skeena Arch metallogenic map. Manifold also supports the creation of KLM files for use in viewers such as Google Earth. The following KML layers were generated for the project area: RGS, copper and molybdenum anomalies; MINFILE and Porphyry Cu-Mo and Mo occurrences; geology layers, including Babine, Bulkley and Nanika intrusive suites, faults and marker units; and logging roads.

For more details on the Skeena Arch project, please refer to project reports published in Geoscience BC Reports 2006-1and 2007-1, or to the Skeena Arch project page on Geoscience BC's website.