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Documentation and Assessment of Exploration Activities Generated by Geoscience BC Data Publications

Lead Researcher(s):  S. A. Reichheld

Project ID:  2011-014

Key Research Organization(s):  Independent Consultant

Project Location:  Central Interior

Strategic Focus Area:  Minerals


Assessment of Exploration Activities This project saw Geoscience BC trying to track how successful it has been in positively impacting its target zones in early projects. The QUEST Project with its years of data is felt to be mature enough that it can now serve as the focus of an effective study of Geoscience BC's impacts in that region and by extension its potential effectiveness elsewhere in BC.

The purpose of this project is to lay out a framework for reviewing and/or assessing the impact of any public exploration initiative by synthesizing various information streams as they become available. Identifying which metrics to use and what time frames to study are difficult to pin down, but in order to ensure that the methodology will be repeatable in the future, this study will use public sources of information.

As an initial study, this project looks past singular short-term gauges of success, such as mineral title acquisition, and looks deeper into the temporal development of exploration opportunities, the impact of follow-up compilation studies funded by Geoscience BC and the effect the organization has had in attracting investment capital for private companies.