Not What it Seems? Researchers Suggest New Framework for Mineral Exploration in North Central BC's Toodoggone District

Vancouver, BC – November 1, 2019 – A collaborative research report published by Geoscience BC outlines a new understanding of mineral deposit types in the Toodoggone area of British Columbia’s North Central Region.

The remote Toodoggone mineral district is approximately 300 kilometres north of Smithers and 200 kilometres east of Iskut. The district is known to contain different gold, silver and copper mineral deposit types and is close to Centerra Gold’s Kemess copper and gold project.

The research was conducted by Geoscience BC’s partners at the University of British Columbia’s MDRU-Mineral Deposit Research Unit. The report, An Exploration Framework for Porphyry to Epithermal Transitions in the Toodoggone Mineral District (94E), details the research team’s findings on the geological features that link the epithermal mineralization with the deeper porphyry mineralization in the area. The team combined field observations with the study of alteration assemblages, vein types, trace metal concentrations and the evaluation of fluid inclusions.

MDRU Research Associate and project lead Farhad Bouzari said: “The new framework created from this study indicates that the range of mineralization types in the Toodoggone mineral district shows potential for deeper porphyry deposits to occur beneath the shallow epithermal deposits.”

Geoscience BC Vice President, Minerals, Christa Pellett said: "The results of this study will focus mineral exploration in an area where the field season is short. We expect this to increase mineral exploration throughout the Toodoggone mineral district.”

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