Important Updates to Three Geoscience BC Reports

October 18, 2013 - In the ongoing verification of our data, we have made updates to the following three reports:

Brief descriptions of the corrections/updates made to each report are provided below.

Geoscience BC Report 2013-10: New Terrain Maps in the McLeod Lake Map area (NTS 093J), British Columbia

The six terrain maps in Geoscience BC Report 2013-10 have been georeferenced (in UTM Zone 10, NAD 83) and provided as JPEG images which can be viewed in any GIS or mapping software. In addition, unnecessary columns have been deleted from the terrain polygons shapefile.

For more information on this project, titled "Glacial Geologic Framework and Drift Prospecting for a Portion of the QUEST Project Area (NTS 93G, 93H, 93J)", go to

Geoscience BC Report 2012-11: Till Geochemistry and Clast Lithology Studies of the Bulkley River Valley, West-Central British Columbia (NTS 93L)

The original publication of Geoscience BC Report 2012-11 contained a spatial error. Twelve of the reported 165 samples were located differently than what was reported in the original 1996 survey, which has been attributed to simple errors in data entry.

For more information on this project, titled "Surficial Geochemistry and Lithology of the Bulkley River Valley, Central British Columbia (NTS 93L)", go to

Geoscience BC Report 2012-08/BCGS OPEN FILE 2012-04: Dease Lake - Little Tuya River Geology, NTS 104J/ 08 & 07E

Ten geochronology samples in Geoscience BC Report 2012-08 were plotted incorrectly in the shapefile. The samples' UTM coordinates specified in the attributes of the shapefile are correct, but their physical locations corresponded to a 1:50,000 scale map projection. The shapefile has been updated to match the samples' spatial location with the UTM coordinates. In addition, Fossil IDs were also added to the attributes of the shapefile. These updates do not change the pdf map.

For more information about the QUEST-Northwest Project, go to

If you have any questions about this update, please email Andrea Clifford, Project Coordinator and Communications Manager, at .

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