H.S. Robinson Lecture Tour in Vancouver January 23

January 21, 2008-Geoscience BC is pleased to be a sponsor of the Geological Association of Canada's 2007-2008 H.S. Robinson Lecture in Vancouver. The lecturer for 2007-2008 is Dave Thomas of Cameco.David Thomas has been employed with the Exploration Division of Cameco Corporation since 1994 and is based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Cameco is the world's largest, low-cost uranium producer accounting for 20% of the world's uranium production and currently has four operating mines in Canada and the US. Mr. Thomas has been Chief Geoscientist with Cameco Corporation since 1999 and in this capacity has been responsible for managing the geological support provided to Cameco's uranium and gold projects worldwide. He is also responsible for monitoring and assisting in the administration of internal- and external-supported scientific research initiatives undertaken in collaboration with various universities in Canada and the USA.

Please join us at SFU Harbour Center at 4:30 pm on January 23 for Mr. Thomas's talk on "Uranium Model Types within the Context of 2007 Global Exploration Activity." As an added bonus, a fantastic door prize will be given out to one lucky person who attends this talk. The prize is one registration for the three-day (January 25, 26, 27) volcanology short course at Roundup.

H.S. Robinson Lecture TourDavid Thomas, Cameco Corporation
"Uranium Model Types within the Context of 2007 Global Exploration Activity"

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008
4:30 pm

Room 2270
SFU Harbour Center
(515 West Hastings Street, Vancouver)

Uranium Model Types within the Context of 2007 Global Exploration Activity
With the resurgence of global scale uranium exploration a much broader range of model types are being incorporated into the exploration strategies of both junior and major companies than just a few years ago. One of the resulting challenges facing these companies is that many geologists are finding themselves entering the uranium arena with little or no previous exploration experience in this commodity. The main focus of the presentation will be a review of the principal uranium model types, particularly the top model types that are being exploited or explored for globally. These will include the unconformity-type, sandstone-hosted, volcanic-hosted, calcrete, alaskite, quartz pebble conglomerate, and collapse breccia pipe models.

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