Geoscience BC Releases First Results from QUEST-Northwest Project

To download the QUEST-Northwest airborne magnetic datasets, go to

Vancouver BC -- January 23, 2012 - Geoscience BC today released the first results from the $3 million QUEST-Northwest Geoscience Project, at the Mineral Exploration Roundup Conference in Vancouver, B.C. The QUEST-Northwest Project combines high-resolution airborne magnetic surveys, regional geochemistry, and bedrock mapping, with the goal of enhancing mineral exploration investment and activity in northwest B.C.

"The data published today provides the mineral exploration community with opportunities to identify new target areas for potential exploration," said Rich Coleman, Minister of Energy and Mines. "By supporting and partnering with Geoscience BC over the past seven years, the B.C. Government is helping stimulate new investment to British Columbia, bringing jobs and economic activity to our communities."

The QUEST-Northwest information released today includes the results of two, high-resolution, airborne magnetic surveys, which were flown during the late summer and fall of 2011 by Aeroquest Airborne and Geo Data Solutions GDS Inc. The results of both surveys, which include digital databases and ready-to-print maps, are now available for download from Geoscience BC's website.

In addition to new airborne surveys, the QUEST-Northwest Project also includes a regional geochemical program (led by Noble Exploration Services Ltd.) and bedrock geological mapping program (in partnership with the BC Geological Survey Branch of the Ministry of Energy and Mines). Results from both of these programs will be released in a few months time.

"The new QUEST-Northwest data will help guide new and existing mineral exploration programs, and provide valuable insights related to land use planning and land use decisions in northwest B.C." said 'Lyn Anglin, President and CEO of Geoscience BC. "The majority of work completed this past summer was undertaken within the Traditional Territories of the Tahltan First Nation. Geoscience BC would like to thank the Tahltan people, and our other project partners, for their support and assistance with the data collection".

The QUEST-Northwest Project is Geoscience BC's fourth major 'QUEST' minerals geoscience initiative. The project is focused on the prospective geology transected by Highway 37 in northwest B.C., near the communities of Dease Lake, Telegraph Creek and Iskut.

The QUEST-Northwest Project is funded by Geoscience BC. Since its inception in 2005, Geoscience BC has committed over $25 million to minerals geoscience projects in B.C., which has been matched by over $7.6 million in partnership funding. In addition, industry has spent millions following up on Geoscience BC's data releases. For more information about the QUEST-Northwest Project, go to Geoscience BC's website:

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