Geoscience BC Receives $5 Million in Bridge Funding to Continue Minerals, Energy and Water Research

Minister of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources Michelle Mungall with Geoscience BC President and CEO Gavin C. Dirom and Executive Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer Carlos Salas

Vancouver, BC – May 9, 2019 – Geoscience BC thanks the provincial government for granting $5 million in one-year bridge funding to support earth science research in British Columbia.

The new funding will allow Geoscience BC to continue its minerals, energy and water related public earth science for an additional year, with many ongoing and new research projects set to begin in 2019-20.

“Our Mining Jobs Task Force did excellent work identifying the many ways our government can support mining, and we’re meeting another one of their recommendations with this $5 million in funding to Geoscience BC,” Minister of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources Michelle Mungall. “The research that will come from this funding will attract the investment necessary for resource development that makes a clean electrified economy possible.”

Geoscience BC President and CEO Gavin C. Dirom added: “Geoscience BC’s minerals, energy and water research meets a need for new public geoscience data that attracts investment, informs decisions, stimulates innovation and supports the responsible development of BC’s natural resources.”

New Geoscience BC projects launching in 2019 include: One-year bridge funding for Geoscience BC was a recommendation of the Mining Jobs Task Force report released in January 2019. A review of public geoscience was also recommended by the Task Force to “inform the development of a coordinated provincial approach to public geoscience”.

Geoscience BC’s funding request was supported by more than 40 organizations, communities and First Nations calling for continued funding of Geoscience BC’s open approach and collaboration with others, including the British Columbia Geological Survey.

Supporting quotes:

Edie Thome, President and CEO, AME – Association for Mineral Exploration: “AME is pleased to see the support for Geoscience BC recommended by the Mining Jobs Task Force put in place. We advocated for the creation of Geoscience BC in 2005 following successful pilot programs that demonstrated the value of a collaborative approach to the development of public geoscience.”

Val Litwin, President and CEO, BC Chamber of Commerce: “We applaud the Provincial Government’s $5 million investment in Geoscience BC as we all work together on the longer term geoscience strategy for our province. By collecting, interpreting and sharing new scientific data, Geoscience BC research allows for better decisions to be made by everyone involved in resource development by identifying opportunity and mitigating risks, while also answering specific environmental questions. This attracts investment and informs decisions about the responsible development of our resources to the benefit of all British Columbians.”

Brad Herald, Vice President. Western Canada Operations, CAPP – Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers: “The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers welcomes today’s news. Our members know that the independent, public and earth science research undertaken by Geoscience BC complements and contributes meaningfully to the understanding of BC geologic systems, increasing knowledge and informing the public, industry, government and regulatory decision makers as we collectively advance the responsible development of BC’s energy resources.”

Michael Goehring, President & CEO, MABC – Mining Association of British Columbia: “As the voice of mining in British Columbia, MABC is pleased with government’s announcement of bridge funding for Geoscience BC as recommended by the Mining Jobs Task Force. Implementing this recommendation, and the Task Force’s remaining 17 recommendations, will help support a growing mining industry in British Columbia.”

Gord Klassen, President, North Central Local Government Association: “Geoscience BC research is attracting investment, informing decisions and supporting the responsible development of British Columbia’s natural resources. The North Central Local Government Association is pleased to see bridge funding for Geoscience BC announced so that its earth science research relating to minerals, energy and water resources in our region can continue, and so that a long-term strategy for public geoscience in British Columbia can be developed.”

View BC Government funding announcement news release.

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Geoscience BC generates independent, public geoscience research and data about British Columbia’s minerals, energy and water resources. This advances knowledge, informs responsible development, encourages investment and stimulates innovation.

Our collaboration with the resource sectors, academia, communities, Indigenous groups and government develops and shares unbiased and credible earth science research and data.

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