Geoscience BC QUEST Project Update

August 10, 2007 - Geoscience BC is pleased to report that components of the QUEST Project geophysical surveying and geochemical sampling are now underway.

The airborne electromagnetic survey, being carried out by Geotech Ltd. and TRK Helicopters, began production on August 5th in Prince George. To date, 13% of the survey (almost 1600 km) has been flown. The airborne gravity survey, to be flown by Sander Geophysics Ltd., is expected to start in early September.

The QUEST geochemical sampling program being carried out by Noble Exploration Services Ltd. also commenced earlier this week in the Fort St. James region. A second crew from CME Consultants Inc. will be sampling in the Mackenzie Region (Pine Pass map sheet; NTS 93O) starting later in the month.

The QUEST Project is a new geoscience initiative designed by Geoscience BC to focus mineral exploration on the Quesnel Terrane in central British Columbia. The QUEST Project will compile the new geophysical and geochemical surveys with existing data sets for the region, and be released to the public in early 2008. Over 438,000 ha have been staked within the QUEST Project area since the project was officially announced on June 12th in Prince George.

For more information on the QUEST Project, please refer to the QUEST Project page on our website at this page.

The Northern Development Initiative Trust is a funding partner for the QUEST Project. For more information on the Northern Trust, please see their webpage at