Geoscience BC Plans Project to Identify Mineral Deposits on Northern Vancouver Island

Vancouver, BC - March 29, 2019 - Geoscience BC has announced that it is planning a new airborne survey to help identify mineral potential on northern Vancouver Island.

The airborne survey will use helicopters equipped with sensitive instruments that measure the properties of bedrock to help identify potential mineral deposits across an area including Port McNeill and Sayward in the north and Zeballos, Tahsis and Gold River to the south. It follows on from a similar survey conducted further north and west in 2012.

As with all Geoscience BC research, the results of the research will be made public. Similar public geoscience projects have been proven to bring new investment, with the data used to inform mineral exploration and development decisions by the mineral exploration sector, government, communities and Indigenous groups.

Geoscience BC's incoming Vice President, Minerals, Christa Pellett said: "We have heard from experts that even with its strong mining history, this part of northern Vancouver Island is likely to have understated mineral potential. As we plan the Vancouver Island North project, we hope to hear from people in the area to make sure we produce the best data possible, and also address any questions or concerns."

She added: "This project will provide new data using the most up to date technology available to guide future mineral exploration and decisions."

A draft map of the project area and initial project information are available on the Geoscience BC website project page. Geoscience BC published data from the "Vancouver Island North" project in early 2013. Project information can be found here.

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