Geoscience BC Planning For New Regional Surveys in Central BC

May 14, 2007 - Geoscience BC (GBC) is planning to undertake regional geophysical and geochemical surveys this summer in central BC. The surveys will focus on the central part of the Quesnel Terrane, which is largely hidden under glacial cover, and remains under-explored but prospective for porphyry Cu and Cu-Au deposits such as those at Gibraltar, Mount Polley, and Mount Milligan.

Proposed activities include:

Regional Geophysics
- 10,200 line kilometers of airborne time-domain EM at 4 km line spacing, over a 120 km wide swath from north of Williams Lake to Mackenzie -- Fort St James
- 21,000 line kilometers of airborne gravity at 2 km line spacing over the same area
- development of a depth-to-bedrock map based on geophysical results and compilation of water well logs
- opportunities for access to the time-domain EM and airborne gravity systems will be offered to companies interested in flying detailed infill lines. Some partnership opportunities may be available.

Regional Geochemistry
- re-analysis by ICP-MS of 5099 archived RGS samples from NTS sheets 93KNE, 93N, 93G, 93A and 93B to bring the data sets up to modern standards
- collection of 2200 new geochemical samples in an area north of Prince George to increase the density of RGS sampling coverage to approximately 1 site every 7 km2 . Some partnership opportunities may be available.

Data compilation
- an integral component of this program will be a detailed, geographically referenced, digital compilation of the results of the above surveys with existing public geoscience data (including digital topographic base maps, bedrock and surficial geology, airborne magnetics, ground gravity, regional geochemistry etc.) for an almost 150,000 km sq area centered on Prince George, BC (compilation area corners: Eastings: 340000 to 690000 and Northings: 5750000 to 6200000).
-exploration deposit models will be developed for key deposit types in the region.

All data will be released to the public in digital format, with key maps available in hard copy format.

The data release is planned for early 2008.

For further information on the proposed surveys, or to express interest in partnership opportunities with Geoscience BC, please contact:

C.D. ('Lyn) Anglin, PhD
President and CEO
Geoscience BC