Digging Deep: Geoscience BC 2023 Summary of Activities and New Research in 2024

By: Christa Pellett, Vice President, Minerals and Randy Hughes, Manager, Energy

Geoscience BC recently published the Summary of Activities 2023 volume. It contains eleven technical papers from ongoing Geoscience BC projects and the Geoscience BC Scholarship Program 2023 recipients.


The papers are divided into three sections:

1) Critical Minerals and Metals

2) Cleaner Energy

3) Geological Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)

Links to projects and scholarship website pages, where copies of each paper can be found, are provided.


Download Summary of Activities 2023

The ‘Critical Minerals and Metals‘ section starts off with Höy and Jackaman introducing a Geoscience BC–BC Geological Survey collaboration to complete geological compilation and selective mapping work in the West Kootenay area. This is followed by Abdale et al. examining the Mount Grace carbonatite and the Cottonbelt Pb-Zn deposit in southeastern British Columbia (BC). Two projects consider exploration for critical metals in north-central BC, with Xu et al. examining hostrocks and alteration at the Lorraine alkalic Cu-Au porphyry deposit, and Broda et al. detailing controls on Ni mineralization at the Alaskan-type Turnagain deposit. Another three papers relate to mineral exploration in BC’s highly active northwestern region, with Powers et al. refining stratigraphic classifications within the Hazelton Group, Dlugosz et al. reporting on trace-element mapping of sulphide minerals from the Burgundy Ridge Cu-Au prospect and Johnston et al. considering the stratigraphy of the Stuhini Group in the Galore Creek area. Pamparana et al. investigate high-pressure grinding roll pilot-scale tests and the relationship between operational variables, and Bahroudi et al. investigate the influence of soil amendments and compost, and their potential for improving plant growth and soil fertility in tailings-storage facilities.

The ‘Cleaner Energy’ section features a paper by Hormozzade Ghalati et al. examining geothermal systems at Mount Meager. Finally, the ‘Geological Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)’ section features an update by Nazemi on considerations for CO2 sequestration in BC’s Lower Mainland.

New Projects in 2024

Geoscience BC announced three new projects in early 2024, with contributions from government, industry and non-profit partners.

It’s not too late to get involved in these current projects or in upcoming Project Concepts. Contributing to Geoscience BC projects shows leadership and demonstrates support for the public geoscience that is needed for a net-zero emissions economy, while also getting great value from research. Many other activities are also available for sponsorship.

New research projects

Project Concepts in Development