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Project Concept: Pilot-scale Carbon Capture and Storage in Ultramafic Rocks

Lead Researcher(s):  TBD

Project ID:  2022-006

Key Research Organization(s):  TBD

Project Location:  British Columbia

Strategic Focus Area:  


Developing innovative solutions to advance the ability to sequester carbon dioxide (CO2) positions British Columbia at the forefront of the transition to a net-zero economy.  

Ultramafic rocks’ ability to sequester CO2 through the precipitation of carbonate minerals is already understood. This project will capitalize on ongoing and previous work, including Geoscience BC’s Carbon Mineralization Potential Assessment for BC project, to develop a pilot-scale demonstration. It would bring together leading industry technical expertise in sequestering carbon and Geoscience BC’s project management and engagement experience to attract investment and de-risk emerging opportunities as BC moves toward a low-carbon future. 

Developing this project is a collaborative initiative between Geoscience BC, UBC CarbMin Lab and other partners.

How to Contribute

This is a Project Concept being developed by Geoscience BC and its members and partners. If you are interested in contributing, please email Your information will be sent to the most appropriate member of our team. 

The Need

Ultramafic rock reacts with CO2, forming a stable carbonate mineral, and so has significant potential to permanently store the gas. Identifying suitable host rocks to sequester CO2 and piloting the technology can play a significant role in Canada and BC’s transition to a net-zero emissions economy.  

Potentially suitable localities have been identified as part of the Carbon Mineralization Potential Assessment for BC project which, along with related studies, has generated significant interest in developing this methodology. Next steps to develop carbon mineralization in ultramafic rocks in BC involve engagement, capture and injection strategy development and a techno-economic assessment. This Project Concept advances those steps. 

Project Goals

This Minerals project fits under our Strategic Objective of Advancing Science & Innovative Geoscience Technologies.  

Specifically, this Project Concept aims to: 

  • Confirm priority locations. 
  • Collect baseline reactivity and injectivity data. 
  • Permit, develop and test an injection system in a single well, injecting in the range of 100-150 metric tonnes of CO2. Monitor and verify injection results using proven techniques. 
  • Conduct a technoeconomic assessment. 

Project Benefits

This project will provide independent, public data about the potential to permanently store CO2 in serpentinized ultramafic rocks in southern BC, close to both infrastructure and emissions sources. This will advance innovation and can be used by industry, governments, communities, academia and Indigenous groups to inform carbon management decisions. 


This research will take place in southern BC. 

Geoscience BC encourages anyone planning exploration work to first contact Indigenous groups in the area. The Province of British Columbia’s Consultative Areas Database can help with this ( The Association for Mineral Exploration (AME) also produces an Indigenous Engagement Guidebook.