Geoscience BC Report 2010-13

QUEST-South Regional Geochemical Data, Southern British Columbia (NTS 92H, 92I, 92J)
by W. Jackaman

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Report Description
The QUEST South project is the third of a series of large-scale regional geochemical studies that have been sponsored by Geoscience BC since 2007. Each of these projects (QUEST, QUEST-West and QUEST-South) has included a number of important initiatives such as in-fill sampling and the reanalysis of archived sediment pulps. Project results have significantly improved the availability of existing geochemical data for each of the study areas and have made a major contribution of new data to the provincial geochemical data set.

As part of the 2009 QUEST-South Project being conducted in southern British Columbia, Geoscience BC funded infill stream based and basal till geochemical surveys. The QUEST-South Project also included the reanalysis of over 9 000 sample pulps from government funded surveys that were originally completed in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Results from the reanalysis work were released in January 2010 (Geoscience BC Report 2010-4).

This report, Geoscience BC Report 2010-13, contains results of the 2009 infill surveys and parts of this package incorporate data from previous regional stream and lake based surveys completed in the study area as well as the new reanalysis results. This information has been provided in a variety of digital formats. PDF files include survey descriptions and details regarding methods, field and analytical data listings, summary statistics, sample location map, geology map and maps for individual metals. Raw digital data files used in the production process are included in XLS formats.

Suggested Reference
Jackaman, W. (2010): QUEST-South Regional Geochemical Data, Southern British Columbia; Geoscience BC, Report 2010-13, 152 p.

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