QUEST-Northwest Heliborne High Resolution Aeromagnetic Survey - Block 3

Researcher(s):  Geo Data Solutions GDS Inc.

Report ID:  GBCR 2013-03

Key Research Organization(s):  Geo Data Solutions GDS Inc.

Focus Area:  Minerals

Report Description

Geoscience BC Report 2012-03 presents the results of the QUEST-Northwest Block 3 airborne magnetic survey, located near the community of Iskut, BC. Geo Data Solutions Inc. flew the survey during July and August of 2012. The survey was flown at a line spacing of 250 m, and the total survey coverage is 5746 line-km.

The report also includes 2200 line-km of airborne magnetic data purchased from New Chris Minerals Ltd. This dataset was collected in late 2011 and early 2012 at a 100 m line-spacing, and lies in the center of the QUEST-Northwest Block 3 area.

The QUEST-Northwest Block 1 survey flown by Aeroquest is available as Geoscience BC Report 2012-02.

The QUEST-Northwest Block 2 survey flown by Geo Data Solutions is available as Geoscience BC Report 2012-03.


Report Components

Technical Report (zip, 1 MB)

Magnetic Database (zip, 449 MB) – Separate databases for Geo Data Solutions and New Chris Minerals Data

Grid files (zip, 24 MB) – Grid files for Geo Data Solutions data, New Chris Minerals data and the combined dataset

Maps (zip, 354 MB) – UPDATED (January 31, 2013)