QUEST-Northwest Regional Geochemical Data, Northwest British Columbia

Researcher(s):  W. Jackaman

Report ID:  GBCR 2012-07

Key Research Organization(s):  Noble Exploration Services Ltd.

Focus Area:  Minerals

Report Description


The QUEST-Northwest project is part of a series of large-scale regional geochemical studies that have been sponsored by Geoscience BC since 2007. Each of these projects (QUEST, QUEST-West, QUEST-South and QUEST-Northwest) has included a number of important geochemical initiatives such as new surveys and the reanalysis of archived sediment pulps. These types of projects generate a vast array of new information that significantly enhances the utility of the provincial geochemical database and complements other components of the projects, such as airborne geophysical surveys and bedrock mapping. This collection of high-quality geoscience information promotes exploration interest in the project areas and helps guide the development follow-up activities.

As part of the 2011 QUEST-Northwest Project, Geoscience BC funded new infill stream based geochemical surveys plus the reanalysis of over 2400 sample pulps from government funded surveys that were originally completed in NTS map sheets 104F, G and K during the mid-1980s. Geoscience BC Report 2012-07 includes results of the 2011 infill sampling programs. Data generated by the reanalysis work was released in April 2012 (GBC Reports 2011-05 and 2011-06).

Parts of this report include data from previous regional stream surveys completed in the study areas as well as the recently released reanalysis results. This information has been provided in a variety of digital formats. PDF files include survey descriptions and details regarding methods, field and analytical data listings, summary statistics, sample location maps and maps for individual metals. Raw digital data files used in the production process are included in Microsoft® Excel (XLS) format.

Report Components

Note: Appendices C and F have been updated to include information on custom UTM projection.

The report can be downloaded one of two ways:

  1. Zip file containing report, all appendices and all data sets (zip, 143 Mb), OR
  2. Individual Report Components
  3. Extra: Quality Control data (Geoscience BC Report 2018-15). For more information, see Project 2016-018.

Suggested Reference

Jackaman, W. (2012): QUEST-Northwest Regional Geochemical Data; Geoscience BC, Report 2012-07, 7 p.

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