Vancouver Island North Regional Project

Key Researcher(s):  To be announced

Project ID:  2018-055

Key Research Organization(s):  To be announced

Project Location:  northern Vancouver Island, between Campbell River, Port McNeill, Port Alice and Zeballos

Strategic Focus Area:  Minerals


This project will generate valuable new earth science information for an area in northern Vancouver Island, including an airborne geophysical survey and updated geological maps, to examine the mineral the mineral potential.  

Project Development

June 13, 2019 update: Thank you to the industry, community, government and industry representatives that have provided feedback on this project so far. The project map has been updated to include feedback, and we have issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) for an airborne magnetic and radiometric survey. The deadline for proposals is 12:00 pm noon on June 28, 2019.

Geoscience BC RFP page


March 2019 update: This project is in the planning phase. The scope and precise area covered by the research are under development. Geoscience BC have shared, and will continue to share, project information with businesses, community leaders and First Nations in the proposed project area. Your feedback is being incorporated as part of the planning process.

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The Need

Vancouver Island has a long history of mining and mineral exploration, but some areas remain relatively under-explored or have not been actively explored for many years. This project will cover an area at the north end of the island where packages of rocks known to host mineralization in nearby areas occur. Similar projects, such as Geoscience BC’s adjacent Northern Vancouver Island (NVI) project undertaken in 2012-2013 in partnership with the Island Coastal Economic Trust, have sparked exploration, discovery and new economic activity in similar under-explored areas.

Up-to-date, unbiased earth science information is essential to inform decisions relating to the development of BC’s mineral resources. Long-term demand for the metals and minerals that might be uncovered in this area is growing because they are important in the production of renewable energy, batteries and our everyday electronic devices.

Project Goals

This project will:

  • Produce new research using latest methodologies that can update geological maps.
  • Identify regional geological and structural mineral exploration targets.
  • Provide economic stimulation.
  • Engage communities and share information or explore any training needs.

Project Benefits

The new geoscience information generated by this project may spark a new wave of mineral exploration activity in this region of BC. If mineral deposits do occur in this area, the information generated by this project will help the exploration sector, communities, First Nations, and governments to make informed decisions about future land use.

Survey Area

The project is anticipated to cover a portion of the area between Campbell River, Port McNeill, Port Alice, and Zeballos at the northern end of Vancouver Island.