BC Regional Geochemical Survey Data Upgrades - INAA Geochemical Reanalysis - McLeod Lake (NTS 093J)

Lead Researcher(s):  W. Jackaman

Project ID:  2012-003

Key Research Organization(s):  Noble Exploration Services Ltd.

Project Location:  Central Interior

Strategic Focus Area:  Minerals


McLeod Lake INAA Reanalysis

The McLeod Lake map area (just north of Prince George) has the potential to host many different types of economic mineral deposits. Geochemical sampling in the area was first carried out in 1986, and these samples were reanalyzed in 2006 using ICP-MS techniques. However, the samples were not included in recent INAA (instrumental neutron activation analysis) reanalysis programs, and remained the only area in BC surveyed prior to 1989 that did not include this important analytical information.

Ongoing efforts by government-funded agencies to update and maintain the geochemical database established by the British Columbia Regional Geochemical Survey (RGS) and the National Geochemical Reconnaissance (NGR) programs have produced one of the most comprehensive collections of field information and multi-element analytical data in Canada (Jackaman, 2011; Jackaman and Lett, 2013). The database has benefitted from several initiatives including the reanalysis of archived sediment samples by instrumental neutron activation analysis (INAA). In the 1990s, over 20,000 samples from earlier BC RGS and NGR programs were retrieved from archive storage and analyzed by INAA producing previously unavailable data for gold and a range other important metals such as pathfinder and rare earth elements. More recently, Geoscience BC's QUEST-Northwest Project generated new INAA data from samples collected in 1987 during surveys conducted in the Sumdum and Telegraph Creek map areas (Jackaman, 2012).


  • Final Deliverables

    • Geoscience BC Report 2013-06: McLeod Lake (NTS 093J) Sample Reanalysis (INAA) -Summary Report (PDF) and Data (XLS) (ZIP, 2.4 MB)
      Geoscience BC Report 2013-06, presents INAA results for stream sediment samples collected during the original 1985 McLeod Lake RGS program. The McLeod Lake regional geochemical survey was conducted in 1985 and included the collection of 1152 stream sediment samples. In co-operation with the BC Geological Survey and Natural Resources Canada, samples saved from the survey work were retrieved from storage facilities in Ottawa. A total of 1273 drainage-sediment and quality-control samples were subsequently delivered to Becquerel Laboratories Inc. (Mississauga, ONT) and analyzed by INAA for 35 elements. Due to a deficiency of available material, seven samples were not included in the reanalysis work. Weighed and encapsulated samples were packaged for irradiation along with internal standards and international reference materials. Samples and standards were irradiated together with neutron flux monitors in a two-megawatt pool type reactor. After a seven-day decay period, samples were measured with a high-resolution germanium detector. Typical counting times were 500 seconds.INAA results have been provided in the Microsoft® Excel (XLS) file GBC REPORT 2013-06.XLS. The data have been carefully checked for analytical quality using blind duplicate samples and control reference material. When determined to be complete and accurate, the reanalysis data were merged with sample site location information acquired from the original survey publication.
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