Water Goals Update Keeps the Research Flowing

Vancouver, BC – June 27, 2019 – Geoscience BC has updated its water research goals to meet recommendations and advice from its Strategic Task Force on Water.

The Geoscience BC Board of Directors considered the advice and recommendations of the Task Force and has added four new water-related research goals to Geoscience BC's Strategic Plan 2018-2022. They are:
  • Improving baseline surficial geology, including regional soil characterization.
  • Assessing watershed dynamics in relation to climate change.
  • Characterizing groundwater and aquifers throughout British Columbia.
  • Measuring local and regional water balance.
Commenting on the news, Geoscience BC President and CEO Gavin C. Dirom said: “I would like to thank the members of Geoscience BC’s Strategic Task Force on Water. The insight they provided from a wide range of perspectives gives us good guidance, and we are looking forward to putting it into action.”

Water is one of Geoscience BC's three research areas. The other two are minerals and energy (oil and gas, geothermal). Any future water research will continue to align with Geoscience BC’s strategic objectives, principally with respect to mineral and/or energy development in British Columbia:

  • Understanding Water
  • Facilitating Responsible Natural Resource Development
  • Advancing Science & Innovative Geoscience Technologies
  • Enabling Clean Energy
  • Providing Public Access to Data
A copy of the updated Strategic Plan 2018-2022 is now available online:

Geoscience BC Strategic Plan

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