Geoscience BC Confirms Critical Minerals and Metals Research Next Steps; Seeks Further Collaborations

Vancouver, BC – May 9, 2024 – Expert volunteers, a research partner and initial industry collaboration are now in place to support new independent research into identifying economic opportunities to recover critical minerals and metals at current and historical mine sites in British Columbia. Geoscience BC has today confirmed further details and next steps for […]

May 16 webinar: The Next Generation of Minerals Geoscience Talent

Vancouver, BC – May 3, 2024 –A Geoscience BC webinar on Thursday May 16 will demonstrate the next generation of minerals geoscience talent, with talks from eight 2023 Geoscience BC Scholarship Program recipients. Sponsored by Lithos Geological and supported by the Association for Mineral Exploration (AME), the webinar takes place from 10 am to 11:30 […]

New Geoscience BC Data Supports Water Research and Management in Northeast BC

Vancouver, BC – May 2, 2024 – Water quantity, quality and climate research in Northeast BC have received a boost from a new dataset and report published by Geoscience BC. Settler and Indigenous data gathered by this project support the foundational research required for a net-zero emissions economy. The completion of the Pilot Collaborative Water Monitoring […]

Webinar: The Next Generation of Clean Energy & CCS Research in BC

Vancouver, BC – April 18, 2024 – On Tuesday, April 30, a Geoscience BC webinar will feature geothermal energy and carbon sequestration with a focus on the latest geoscience research and the next generation of researchers. Geoscience BC Scholarship Program recipients Fateme Hormozzade and Maziyar Nazemi will present technical talks on their research, while Natural […]

Geoscience BC Quarterly eNews | Updates on Geoscience BC projects, research, membership, and more.

Vancouver – April 9, 2024 – This quarterly update from Geoscience BC covers the January to March quarter and provides the latest update on Geoscience BC research, Project Concepts, membership and more.   View Quarterly eNews Update About Geoscience BC Geoscience BC’s independent, public geoscience is a first link in the supply chain for Canada’s […]

Geoscience BC Scholarship Program 2024: Applications Open; Sponsorship Opportunities Available

Vancouver, BC – March 12, 2024 – Applications for Geoscience BC’s 2024 Scholarship Program are now open, and additional sponsorship opportunities are still available. Teck Resources Limited (“Teck”) is once again our Gold Sponsor for the Geoscience BC Scholarship Program, which awards $5,000 scholarships to up to ten students who have registered and started in […]

Digging Deep: Geoscience BC 2023 Summary of Activities and New Research in 2024

By: Christa Pellett, Vice President, Minerals and Randy Hughes, Manager, Energy Geoscience BC recently published the Summary of Activities 2023 volume. It contains eleven technical papers from ongoing Geoscience BC projects and the Geoscience BC Scholarship Program 2023 recipients.   The papers are divided into three sections: 1) Critical Minerals and Metals 2) Cleaner Energy […]

Critical Minerals in Mine Tailings and Waste Rock Focus of New Geoscience BC Study

Vancouver, BC – January 22, 2024 – A new Geoscience BC collaborative program is supporting innovation in mineral exploration and development with a province-wide study to highlight where potential concentrations of critical metals and minerals may be found in mine tailings and waste rock. Critical minerals and metals are essential for technologies – such as […]

Report: BC Coalfields May Become Critical Minerals Source

Vancouver, BC – January 22, 2024 – A new report released by Geoscience BC indicates the potential for coalfields in British Columbia’s East Kootenays to host elevated concentrations of rare earth elements. Rare earth elements (REEs), a group of elements with uses in technologies such as turbines and electric motors, are important to Canada’s transition […]

2023 Geoscience BC Minerals and Energy Research Summaries Now Available

Vancouver, BC – January 22, 2024 – Research papers summarizing Geoscience BC minerals and energy research projects and scholarships are now available in the Summary of Activities 2023 volume.   The Summary of Activities 2023 (Geoscience BC Report 2024-01) contains eleven technical papers from ongoing Geoscience BC projects and the Geoscience BC Scholarship Program 2023 recipients. Nine […]