Digging Deep: Geoscience BC 2022 Energy and Water Research Highlights

By: Randy Hughes, Manager, Energy & Water Geoscience BC released the Summary of Activities 2022: Energy & Water report in January 2023. It contains seven papers for Geoscience BC projects and scholarship recipients. The papers contribute to meeting four strategic objectives from the Geoscience BC Strategic Plan 2018-2022: Identifying New Natural Resource Opportunities Facilitating Responsible […]

Geoscience BC’s Indigenous Relations & Reconciliation Advisory Committee

* Application closed * Vancouver, BC – January 16, 2023 – Geoscience BC is building an Indigenous Relations & Reconciliation Advisory Committee to bring more Indigenous leadership to its research on critical minerals and metals, geological carbon capture and storage and cleaner energy. Opportunities to join the committee are now open. Commenting on the news, […]

New Energy Research is a ‘Significant Step Forward’ in Improving Induced Seismicity Knowledge in Northeast BC

 Vancouver, BC – August 11, 2022 – New research examining the relationship between natural gas development and earthquakes (induced seismicity) in British Columbia’s Northeast Region has identified three key factors that determine earthquake strength, as well as making monitoring data publicly available. Focussing on the region’s Kiskatinaw Seismic Monitoring and Mitigation Area (KSMMA), where much […]