Geothermal Potential at Kootenay Lake Focus of New Research Phase

Vancouver, BC – October 17, 2023  – Geoscience BC is funding new research into the Kootenay Lake area’s geothermal heat potential to allow for focus on the zones presenting the most likely geothermal prospect. As an area of hot spring activity, the east shore of Kootenay Lake in BC’s Southeast Region offers communities, commercial entities […]

Geoscience BC Support Warms Up Kootenay Lake Area Geothermal Potential

Vancouver, BC – February 21, 2023 – Research results published by Geoscience BC help to zone in on geothermal potential in the Kootenay Lake area of British Columbia’s Southeast Region. The results bring scientific back-up to previously held views that the area east of Kootenay Lake may be a potential geothermal resource. Following fieldwork in summer […]