Geothermal Potential at Kootenay Lake Focus of New Research Phase

Vancouver, BC – October 17, 2023  – Geoscience BC is funding new research into the Kootenay Lake area’s geothermal heat potential to allow for focus on the zones presenting the most likely geothermal prospect. As an area of hot spring activity, the east shore of Kootenay Lake in BC’s Southeast Region offers communities, commercial entities […]

Digging Deep: Geoscience BC 2022 Energy and Water Research Highlights

By: Randy Hughes, Manager, Energy & Water Geoscience BC released the Summary of Activities 2022: Energy & Water report in January 2023. It contains seven papers for Geoscience BC projects and scholarship recipients. The papers contribute to meeting four strategic objectives from the Geoscience BC Strategic Plan 2018-2022: Identifying New Natural Resource Opportunities Facilitating Responsible […]

2022 Geoscience BC Minerals and Energy & Water Research Summaries Now Available

Vancouver, BC – January 23, 2023 – Research papers summarizing Geoscience BC minerals, energy and water research projects and scholarships are now available in the Summary of Activities 2022: Minerals and Energy & Water volumes. Summary of Activities 2022: Minerals (Geoscience BC Report 2023-01) contains eight technical papers from ongoing Geoscience BC projects and from […]