Summary of Activities 2022: Minerals

ISSN 2562-8623 (Print) / ISSN 2562-8631 (Online)

Geoscience BC, Report 2023-01

Geoscience BC Summary of Activities 2022: Minerals, contains eight papers from ongoing Geoscience BC projects and 2022 Geoscience BC Scholarship recipients that are within Geoscience BC's strategic focus area of minerals.  An additional seven papers from ongoing Energy and Water geoscience projects can be found in the companion volume Summary of Activities 2022: Energy and Water.

Limited print copies of both volumes are available from Geoscience BC.

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Summary of Activities 2022: Minerals

Individual Papers
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Note: Also contains the document title page, publishing information and table of contents
Identifying New Natural Resource Opportunities  
D.E. Mitchinson
Integrated interpretation of electromagnetic and gravity data to resolve deep geology and aid mineral exploration in the Quesnel terrane, central British Columbia
(PDF document, 8.9 MB)
A. Hutchison, M. Stewart, J. Hanley and R.C. Stewart:
Timing and origin of gold mineralization in the Blueberry Zone of the Scottie Gold Mine project, Stikine terrane, northwestern British Columbia
(PDF document, 6.4 MB)
K.M.H. Ng, A.E. Williams-Jones, D.F. McLeish, J.R. Clark and S. Wafforn
Insights from syn- to postmineralization dikes into the origin of the Brucejack high-grade gold-silver epithermal deposit, northwestern British Columbia
(PDF document, 4.0 MB)
Advancing Science and Innovative Geoscience Technologies  
B. Eaton, A. Steiner, S. Barker and L. Heagy
Investigating unsupervised machine-learning classification of British Columbia copper-porphyry ore and indicator minerals using micro-X-ray–fluorescence core scanners
(PDF document, 2.5 MB)
X. Lu, X. Wang and G.M. Dipple
Characterizing reactivity of ultramafic minerals and tailings in British Columbia for carbon capture and storage
(PDF document, 2.3 MB)
B.P. Iulianella Phillips, R.L. Simister, C.J.R. Hart and S.A. Crowe
Microbial biosensors in through-cover mineral exploration
(PDF document, 1.6 MB)
S. Hendi, E. Eberhardt and M. Gorjian
Review of fibre-optic applications in the geosciences in British Columbia
(PDF document, 1.3 MB)

T. Shapka-Fels
Summary of a numerical investigation of the Red Chris operations in northern British Columbia using the Finite-Discrete Element Method
(PDF document, 4.9 MB)