Summary of Activities 2017: Energy

ISSN 2561-4606 (Print) / ISSN 2561-4614 (Online) Summary of Activities 2017:Energy

Geoscience BC, Report 2018-04

Geoscience BC Summary of Activities 2017: Energy includes 10 papers from ongoing and completed Energy geoscience projects. Authors include both Geoscience BC proponents and Scholarship winners. An additional 11 papers from ongoing and completed Minerals and Mining geoscience projects can be found in the companion volume Summary of Activities 2017: Minerals and Mining.

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Individual Papers
Foreword (PDF document, 113 KB) Note: Also contains the document title page, publishing information and table of contents
M.J. Whiticar, L.E. Christensen, C.J. Salas and P. Reece GHGMap: Novel Approach for Aerial Measurements of Greenhouse Gas Emissions in British Columbia  (PDF document, 3.6 MB)
C. Evans and B.J. Hayes British Columbia Natural Gas Atlas Update 2017: Recorrelation Changes the Picture (PDF document, 114 KB)
A. Babaie Mahani and H. Kao Attenuation of Groundmotion Amplitudes from Small-Magnitude Earthquakes in the Montney Play, Northeastern British Columbia (PDF document, 3.3 MB)
A.M.M. Bustin and M. Longobardi Collecting Groundmotion Data for the Mitigation and Prevention of Seismicity Induced by Hydraulic Fracturing in the Montney Formation, Northeastern British Columbia (PDF document, 0.7 MB)
P.A. Monahan, V.M. Levson, B.J. Hayes, K. Dorey, Y. Mykula, R. Brenner, J. Clarke, B. Galambos, C. Candy and C. Krumbiegel Mapping the Amplification of Seismic Ground-Motion Hazard in the Montney Play Area, Northeastern British Columbia (PDF document, 3.5 MB)
P.L. Silva and R.M. Bustin Preliminary Liquid Hydrocarbon Potential Assessment of the Doig Formation, Northeastern British Columbia and West-Central Alberta, Based on Thickness, Organic Richness and Maturity (PDF document, 15 MB)
T.K. Wilson and R.M. Bustin Regional Variability of Reservoir Properties of the Devonian Shales of Northeastern British Columbia (PDF document, 14 MB)
A.G. Cahill, J. Chao, O. Ford, B. Ladd, E. Prystupa, K.U. Mayer, D. Tannant, A. Black, S. Crowe, S. Hallam, B. Mayer, C. van Geloven, L.A. Welch, V. Levson and R.D. Beckie Establishment of a Field Stations for the Multidisciplinary Study of Fugitive Gas, Northeastern British Columbia (PDF document, 2.9 MB)
W.L. Quinton, A.A. Berg, O. Carpino, R.F. Connon, J.R. Craig, E. Devoie and E. Johnson Toward Understanding the Trajectory of Hydrological Change in the Southern Taiga Plains, Northeastern British Columbia and Southwestern Northwest Territories (PDF document, 3.3 MB)
M.S. Simons, D.M. Allen, D. Kirste and L.A. Welch Modelling the Disposal of Highly Saline Wastewater in the Paddy and Cadotte Members, Northeastern British Columbia (PDF document, 1.3 MB)