Summary of Activities 2011

Geoscience BC, Report 2012-1

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Individual Papers

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Foreward (PDF document, 1.7 MB) Note: Also contains the document title page, publishing information and table of contents
QUEST-Northwest Projects
Simpson, K.A.: QUEST-Northwest: Geoscience BC's New Minerals Project in Northwestern British Columbia (PDF document, 1.2 MB)
Logan, J.M., Diakow, L.J., van Straaten, B.I., Moynihan, D.P. and Iverson, O.: QUEST-Northwest Mapping: BC Geological Survey Dease Lake Geoscience Project, Northern British Columbia (PDF document, 2.4 MB)
Jackaman, W.: QUEST Northwest Project: New Regional Geochemical Survey and Sample Reanalysis Data, Northern British Columbia (PDF document, 2.5 MB)
Minerals Projects
Devine, F.: Porphyry Integration Project: Bringing Together Geoscience and Exploration Datasets for British Columbia's Porphyry Districts (PDF document, 5.4 MB)
Blaine, F.A. and Hart, C.J.R.: Geochemical-Exploration Models for Porphyry Deposits in British Columbia (PDF document, 5.5 MB)
Meuzelaar, T. and Monecke, T.: Fluid Controls on Ore Genesis in the Eskay Creek Deposit, Northwestern British Columbia (PDF document, 1.9 MB)
Stumpf, A.J.: Development of a Database for Geoscience Field Observations, West-Central British Columbia (PDF document, 1.4 MB)
Ward, B.C., Leybourne, M.I. and Sacco, D.A.: Heavy Mineral Analysis of Till Samples within the QUEST Project Area, Central British Columbia (PDF document, 7.5 MB)
Vaca, S., Bissig, T., Raudsepp, M. and Hart, C.J.R.: Chemical Variations of Pyroxene and Fe-Ti--Oxide Crystals in Basalts Hosting Cu-Au Porphyry Mineralization in the Quesnel Terrane, Interior British Columbia (PDF document, 2.9 MB)
Höy, T. and Jackaman, W.: Geological Mapping, Regional Data Compilation and Mineral Evaluation in the Burrell Creek Map Area, Southeastern British Columbia (PDF document, 0.5 MB)
Oil and Gas Projects
Chapman, A., Kerr, B. and Wilford, D.: Hydrological Modelling and Decision-Support Tool Development for Water Allocation, Northeastern British Columbia (PDF document, 2.6 MB)
Chalmers, G.R.L., Bustin, R.M. and Bustin, A.A.M.: Geological Controls on Matrix Permeability of the Doig-Montney Hybrid Shale-Gas--Tight-Gas Reservoir, Northeastern British Columbia (PDF document, 3.0 MB)
Golding, M.L., Mortensen, J.K., Zonneveld, J-P. and Orchard, M.J.: Biostratigraphy and Sedimentary Provenance of Lower and Middle Triassic Natural-Gas--Bearing Rocks in Northeastern British Columbia: Progress Report (PDF document, 5.8 MB)
Henderson, C.M., Zubin-Stathopoulos, K.D. and Dean, G.J.: Chronostratigraphic and Tectonostratigraphic Summary of the Late Paleozoic and Early Triassic Succession in East-Central British Columbia (PDF document, 1.6 MB)
Kushnir, A., Andrews, G., Russell, J.K., Enkin, R.J., Kennedy, L.A., Heap, M.J. and Quane, S.: Rock Physical-Property Measurements for the Nechako Basin Oil and Gas Region, Central British Columbia (PDF document, 6.8 MB)
Spratt, J.E., Farquharson, C.G. and Craven, J.A.: Analysis of Magnetotelluric Transfer Functions to Determine the Usefulness of ZTEM data in the Nechako Basin, South-Central British Columbia (PDF document, 4.4 MB)