Save the date: Geoscience BC Lunchtime Webinar | July 14, 2022


If you have an interest in critical minerals and metals, carbon capture and storage or cleaner energy (including geothermal, hydrogen and low carbon intensity natural gas) – and the public geoscience required to inform their development in BC – this webinar is for you.

Geoscience BC is evolving fast to meet the changing and increasing need for public geoscience that supports net-zero and long-term sustainability targets. More than 80 organizations and individuals have joined Geoscience BC as members since new membership classes launched in early 2022.

This one-hour webinar will:

  • outline ongoing and upcoming research themes and projects;
  • highlight how existing partners and members are adding value to research;
  • show how industry, governments, communities, Indigenous groups and academia can be involved in research development from day one;
  • provide opportunities for initial feedback and propose next steps to developing the highest-priority research public earth science projects.

The webinar is free to Geoscience BC members and non-members, but you must register to attend. More details, including an agenda, are being developed.

If you have any questions, please email


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