Russell Johnston, M.Sc. Student, University of British Columbia


Russell is an M.Sc. student at the University of British Columbia. He grew up in Northeastern Ontario and completed his undergraduate studies in earth sciences at Carleton University in 2019. Between 2019-2022, Russell worked as an exploration geologist across Canada, the United States, and Greenland exploring for a variety of base and precious metals. During this time, he gained an appreciation for the importance of rigorous data collection in exploration. Russell is keenly interested in methods of integrating traditional field geology with modern exploration techniques to increase the success of exploration programs. His M.Sc. project focuses on unravelling the structural controls and tectonic history of the Galore Creek porphyry deposit in BC’s Northwest Region.

Project: Structural Controls on the Galore Creek Porphyry Deposit, Northwestern British Columbia

Galore Creek is a large, silica-undersaturated alkalic porphyry deposit situated in the Golden Triangle of northwestern BC. The deposit has a complex and poorly understood deformation history. This research is focused on resolving the structural controls on the deposit and the enigmatic deformation history of the deposit area. To accomplish this, traditional structural field geology is integrated with modern analytical techniques to refine and relate structural and stratigraphic field observations with geochemical, geochronological, and mineralogical data. This research will help improve both a regional tectonic model of Stikinia and a deposit model for the Galore Creek deposit and other alkalic porphyry deposits within BC and globally. This information may assist in exploration, particularly of those deposits not well exposed at surface.