Research Papers Further Improve Knowledge of Geothermal Potential and Volcanic Activity at Mount Meager

Vancouver, BC – January 11, 2023 – Three new research papers help to further understand geothermal energy potential and historical volcanic activity at and around Mount Meager near Pemberton, BC.

Mount Meager is regarded by some as a promising geothermal energy generation ‘hot spot’. The papers are related to the Garibaldi Geothermal Volcanic Belt Assessment Project, a collaboration involving Natural Resources Canada, seven universities and Geoscience BC. All three papers focus on the Mount Meager area and follow the 2021 publication of the Garibaldi Geothermal Energy Project – Phase 1 – Final Report.

Ground Surface Temperature Monitoring Data Analysis and Applications to Geothermal Exploration in Volcanic Areas, Mount Meager, Western Canada   

This paper reports on research that tested a ground surface temperature (GST) monitoring network as a geothermal resource exploration tool around Mount Meager. It identified two GST anomalies that are likely associated with subsurface heat flow.

Modeling a Fractured Geothermal Reservoir Using 3-D AMT Data Inversion: Insights from Garibaldi Volcanic Belt, British Columbia, Canada  

This paper reports on research creating a three-dimensional magnetotelluric model around the south of Mount Meager, including Pylon Peak and Meager Creek which have proven borehole temperatures exceeding 250°C. Researchers conducted an audio-magnetotelluric (AMT) survey, and their resulting model identifies fluid pathways related to known thermal springs. The paper also presents a conceptual model of Mount Meager.

A 500 ka Record of Volcanism and Paleoenvironment in the Northern Garibaldi Volcanic Belt, British Columbia  

This paper reports on research to calculate when eruptions at the Mount Meager volcano took place. The paper suggests that eruptions took place longer ago and over a longer period than previously thought, over four episodes over the past 450,000 years.

In addition to these three new research papers, Geoscience BC’s Summary of Activities, which is set to be published in late January 2023, will include papers from Phase 2 of the project which focuses on the Mount Cayley area, approximately 25 kilometres west of Whistler. A final report from Phase 2 is expected to be published later in 2023.

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