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Unlocking the Value of Open Data in British Columbia: A Mining Industry Knowledge Hub

Lead Researcher(s):  M. J. Flynn

Project ID:  2015-030

Key Research Organization(s):  Canada Mining Innovation Council

Project Location:  British Columbia

Strategic Focus Area:  Water


A pilot project to build a concept online hub for water data collected by mining companies operating in BC. By centralizing and sharing this information, the resource sector has been able to improve planning and communities had access to previously-private data.

The Need

Although mine operators in BC collected water data and some of it is shared, it has not previously been available in one central place. By making data available online in a hub, predictive water quality modeling can be improved and mine operators, regulators, communities and First Nations can more easily collaborate on this important issue.

Project Goals

The Mining Industry Knowledge Hub- Water project was designed to:

  • Obtain access to and collect existing water quality data
  • Store and provide access to the data in a central location
  • Build and test an online water hub. This will be made public as in a later phase.
  • Stimulate on-the-ground exploration activities that could lead to new mineral discoveries.

Project Benefits

This project proved a concept to make both real-time and historic mining water quality data from government and mine operators public and easy to access. This helped to meet resource sector, government and public demands for open and transparent data that is easy to access and understand.

Information has been collected and put into a central database. An online mapping application has been tested.

Survey Area

All of British Columbia