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Economic Viability of Geothermal Resources in British Columbia

Lead Researcher(s):  A. Sheldon

Project ID:  2014-037

Key Research Organization(s):  Kerr Wood Liedal Associates Ltd.

Project Location:  British Columbia

Strategic Focus Area:  Energy-Geothermal


Geothermal exploration has occurred in British Columbia for a number of years. Currently however, no electricity is produced in British Columbia from geothermal sources. To better understand the economic viability of geothermal energy in British Columbia, Geoscience BC and partner BC Hydro retained Kerr Wood Leidal Associates Ltd. (KWL) in January 2015, who with its partner GeothermEx Inc. undertook a high level technical and economic assessment using publicly available information for 18 specified geothermal sites around the province.


  • Final Deliverables

    • Geoscience BC Report 2015-11: Economic Viability of Selected Geothermal Resources in British Columbia- Updated October 2016 (PDF, 8 MB)
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