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TREK Project: Nazko CO2 Seepage Geochemical Study

Lead Researcher(s):  R. Lett, W. Jackaman

Project ID:  2013-TREK05

Key Research Organization(s):  Noble Exploration Services Ltd.

Project Location:  South Central

Strategic Focus Area:  Energy-Geothermal


Geology and recent volcanic history, surface features, carbon dioxide seepages and anecdotal evidence of a thermal anomaly beneath the Nazko bogs and surrounding area, combined with results from older studies, suggested a geothermal source around Nazko, British Columbia. Funding from the Targeting Resources for Exploration and Knowledge (TREK) program was used to support two summers of field investigations (projects 2013-TREK05 and 2014-TREK04) on the potential for geothermal occurrences. Findings from each project are listed together under project 2013-TREK05).

These projects were part of the TREK series of research projects.

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The Need

Previous sampling by Alterra Power Corp of seepage gas in the bogs west of the Nazko Cone suggest a magmatic and possibly geothermal source for the gas. The TREK geothermal projects were designed to build on existing knowledge and support community interest in geothermal resource potential in the region.

Project Goals

The TREK geothermal projects:

  • Sampled groundwater, surface water and soil in the Nazko bogs and surrounding area to study the geochemical signature associated with the CO2 gas seepages.
  • Sampled soil and tree bark around the travertine cone­­­–CO2 vent in the northern Nazko bog to establish the size of the geochemical pattern.
  • Conducted 3He/4He isotope analysis to identify if there is a magmatic source for the gas.

Project Benefits

Indigenous groups, communities, and land managers need access to reliable earth science information to make informed decisions in the TREK area where mineral or geothermal potential is high.

Geoscience BC’s TREK geothermal projects were conducted to provide more insight to anomalous geochemical patterns detected near the Nazko Cone and to determine if they could be linked to a geothermal source.

Survey Area

The TREK geothermal projects focused on the north and south bogs west of the Nazko Cone and southwest of the community of Nazko, BC.

What was found?

The TREK geothermal projects investigated geochemical evidence of possible geothermal-magmatic activity in the area of the Nazko bogs.

Geoscience BC Report 2014-11 presents the results of a geochemical study of ground water, surface water, travertine and soil samples collected from the Nazko area in 2013. The study was designed to examine the signature associated with carbon dioxide gas seepage in the region.

Geoscience BC Report 2015-16 compiles all of the geochemical data generated from sampling conducted in 2013, 2014 and 2015. This includes new re-sampling and analysis of ground and stream water from the northern Nazko bog; soil and tree bark sampling around the travertine cone CO2 seep in the northern Nazko bog; and sampling CO2-rich seepage gas for 3He/4He isotope analysis.