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Enhancing Exploration Effectiveness for Polymetallic Mineralization in Southeastern British Columbia: A Combined Petrological and Tectonic Approach

Lead Researcher(s):  D. Pattison

Project ID:  2011-021

Key Research Organization(s):  University of Calgary

Project Location:  Kootenay

Strategic Focus Area:  Minerals


Exploration effectiveness derives from an understanding of the fundamental geological processes that give rise to anomalous concentrations of metals in Earth's Crust (e.g., intrusion-related hydrothermal veins, seafloor exhalative processes, polymetallic skarns). This understanding reduces exploration risk by contributing to smarter, conceptually-based targeting. This project has three interrelated goals:

(1) to better define the magmatic-metamorphic-deformational-geochronological evolution of a geologically complex region between Nelson, Salmo and Creston in southeastern British Columbia, in order to establish a sound geological framework in which to place the region's abundant and diverse mineral deposits;

(2) to define the relationships between Pb-Zn mineralization, Mo-W mineralization, intrusion, contact metamorphism and skarn development in the Salmo camp and its possible eastward extension; and

(3) to develop the use of metamorphic mineral assemblages as vectors to hydrothermal mineralization in this poly-metamorphosed region, with application to other metamorphosed terrains.

The project will provide outstanding training and education of one graduate student and three undergraduate students in field-based geoscience relevant to the minerals industry.