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Northern BC Regional Geochemical Survey Upgrades: Geochemical Survey and Reanalysis Program

Lead Researcher(s):  W. Jackaman

Project ID:  2010-006

Key Research Organization(s):  Noble Exploration Services Ltd.

Project Location:  Northwest BC

Strategic Focus Area:  Minerals


Recognized as a cost effective way to up-date older NGR datasets, Geoscience BC has previously funded the reanalysis of over 20,000 sediment pulps by ICP-MS as part of the Quest, Quest West, QUEST South and Terrace projects. These initiatives have significantly improved the BC geochemical database by providing a wide range of new analytical information at improved detection levels. These types of initiatives are strongly supported by the mining and exploration community and have played an important role in stimulating new exploration activities as well as complimenting other geoscience projects.

Efforts by Geoscience BC to update older government funded regional geochemical survey (RGS) information have been ongoing since 2007. In 2010, drainage sediment samples from previous RGS programs conducted in northern BC from 1978 to 1997 were targeted for reanalysis by aqua-regia digestion ICP-MS. These surveys cover parts of NTS map areas 094C, D, E, L, M and 104B, G, I, O, P. This extremely prospective region contains the Stewart, Toodoggone and Cassiar mining camps which host numerous mineral prospects and producing mines. A total of 7651 samples were analyzed for 53 analytes by ICP-MS and the data have now been prepared for public release as Geoscience BC Report 2011-2. The digital compilation combines original survey information with new data for base, precious, pathfinder plus rare earth elements. In order to provide full coverage of the study area, data from more recent RGS programs conducted in NTS map areas 104A, H and J have also been included in the compilation.