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Gravity and Magnetic Inversion Modeling, Nechako Basin, British Columbia

Lead Researcher(s):  N. Phillips

Project ID:  2009-041

Key Research Organization(s):  Mira Geoscience Ltd.

Project Location:  Nechako Basin

Strategic Focus Area:  Energy-Resources


Project AreaIn order to further understand the geometry of the Nechako Basin for future exploration, the Mira Geoscience Advanced Geophysical Interpretation Centre (AGIC) conducted 3D constrained inversion modeling of airborne gravity and magnetic data. The constrained gravity inversion modeling incorporates existing processed seismic lines, wells, geologic mapping, test MT lines, and density measurements to guide the solution of a depth to basement model. Final products guide future exploration in the area, specifically identifying important structures and basement highs within the Nechako Basin, and providing information for rapid exploration in this area.


  • Final Deliverables

    • Geoscience BC Report 2014-12: Final Report (PDF, 5 MB)
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