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South Nechako Basin and Cariboo Basin Lake Sediment & Water Geochemical Survey

Lead Researcher(s):  W. Jackaman

Project ID:  2006-013

Key Research Organization(s):  Noble Exploration Services Ltd.

Project Location:  Cariboo

Strategic Focus Area:  Minerals


Within the mountain pine beetle (MPB) infestation area of central BC there remains a significant gap in regional geochemical survey (RGS) coverage in the South Nechako and Cariboo Basins. Although this 18,000 km2 region was included in previous regional geochemical survey (RGS) stream sediment programs, subdued topography and poor drainage limited the availability of appropriate stream sites for sampling. South Nechako Basin and Cariboo Basin Lake Sediment Geochemical SurveyIn fact, large parts of the surveyed areas were not even sampled. As a result, previous sampling was limited to 385 stream sites and the average sample density is only 1 site every 47 km2.

In order to expand existing first level sample density, the 2006 South Nechako Basin and Cariboo Basin Lake Sediment and Water Geochemical Survey involves the collection and analysis of samples from approximately 1350 lakes within parts of NTS map sheets 92O, 92P, 93A and 93B. Combining these new sites with the existing RGS sites will increase sample density within the study area to one sample site every 10 km2.