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Mineral Potential of the Westcoast Crystalline Complex, Western Vancouver Island

Lead Researcher(s):  D. Marshall

Project ID:  2005-027

Key Research Organization(s):  Simon Fraser University

Project Location:  Vancouver Island

Strategic Focus Area:  Minerals


Muchalat Inlet Study AreaThe goal of this study is to determine the lithological, geochemical and structural controls for potential mineralization in the northern parts of the Westcoast Crystalline Complex, focusing primarily on the area to the southwest of Muchalat Inlet. This area may be significantly under-explored due to its poor access, and the relative lack of modern geological research in the area. The study will use an array of techniques including mapping, radiogenic isotope studies, petrographic analyses, thermobarometry, fluid inclusion and stable isotope studies. These techniques will be integrated into a geological framework of tectonics and mineralization, with the major points addressed in this study being:

Characterization of the potential and prospectivity of different styles of mineralization in the Westcoast Crystalline Complex.

    1. Additional geochemical data to be added to the publicly available compilation.
    2. Geological and tectonic setting of mineralization, relating specific mineralization styles to rock type, proximity to intrusions and crustal breaks.