New Report Cracks the Code for Locating Central BC's Hidden Gold, Copper and Silver

Vancouver, BC - October 16, 2018 -A new Geoscience BC report has cracked the code for finding gold, copper, and silver deposits in central British Columbia.

In an area where thick sediments obscure the rocks underneath, the Geology and Mineral Potential of the TREK Area, Northern Interior Plateau, Central British Columbia report provides invaluable clues to the whereabouts of buried mineral deposits.

Geoscience BC Vice President of Minerals and Mining Bruce Madu said: "The discovery and significance of the proposed Blackwater gold and silver mine proves what prospectors and geologists have always believed: BC's northern Interior Plateau may have more gold, copper and silver deposits that have not yet been discovered."

The new report is the final component of Geoscience BCs $4.1 million Targeting Resources for Exploration and Knowledge (TREK) series of projects, which was launched in 2013 to understand why deposits like Blackwater occur where they do. TREK created significant new mineral data across a 24,000 km2 area of British Columbia between Anahim Lake, Burns Lake, Vanderhoof, Quesnel, and Williams Lake.

Geologists at the University of British Columbia's Mineral Deposit Research Unit (MDRU) used modern, high quality, geophysical and geochemical data generated early in the TREK project alongside field mapping to create this report and the most comprehensive geological map for the region to date. The map - called Bedrock Geology, TREK Project Area, Northern Interior Plateau, Central BC, was released in 2017.

One result of the TREK project was the discovery of the Big Bear copper showing approximately 100 km southwest of Vanderhoof, which has since seen significant investment and exploration work.

Craig Hart, MDRU Director said: "The best exploration targeting tool is a good geology map - so a better map tool is a better targeting tool. This latest report and map are a strong foundation for future investigations, whether by boots-on-the-ground explorers, academic researchers, land managers or other decision-makers."

Accessing Information

The report, accompanying map and all of the new data and products generated by TREK researchers are available to download via the Geoscience BC website.

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