New Minerals Data and Sampling Strategies Strengthen British Columbia’s Public Geoscience Data

Vancouver, BC – January 18, 2021 – A new Geoscience BC report describes an improved bulk stream-sediment sampling and analysis strategy that extends British Columbia’s public regional geochemical data coverage to encourage mineral exploration and investment in the province.

The Geochemical and Indicator Mineral Data from a Regional Bulk Stream-Sediment Survey, Boundary District, South-Central British Columbia report outlines a more efficient collection and analysis method.

Project lead Wayne Jackaman said: “British Columbia’s regional sediment surveys are extensive and existing databases have great utility, but there remain opportunities for improvement. Gaps in coverage include regions that have not been surveyed and, more notably, areas that have a limited density of existing sample sites.”

In 2019, using an updated and potentially more effective survey strategy, Jackaman collected bulk sediment samples from 98 sites within the east half of the Penticton Map Sheet (NTS 082E) in southern BC around the city of Greenwood.

Jackaman derived both mineralogical information and geochemical data from the samples to achieve new insight into the upstream mineral potential of each drainage basin. This included counts of gold grains, pan concentrate sulphides and metamorphosed and magmatic massive sulphide indicator minerals.

In combination, the increased geochemical coverage and additional mineral dispersion information generated by this strategy may attract and direct mineral exploration companies to undiscovered mineral resource opportunities in BC.

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