New groundwater information now available for Peace region

December 21, 2017 - Geoscience BC today released new data and maps of groundwater resources in the Peace region of northeast British Columbia, an area of active oil and gas development.

The three new reports are the latest results from Geoscience BC's ongoing Peace Project, a multi-year program to generate baseline information about groundwater resources in northeast BC to help First Nations, communities, governments, and industry make sound decisions about groundwater use and protection. When released in April 2016, the aerial data from the Peace Project resulted in the first ever groundwater map of the area flown.

Geoscience BC Executive Vice President & Chief Scientific Officer Carlos Salas said: "We flew a large airborne geophysical survey over the Peace region in 2015. Now, we have drilled and studied shallow boreholes and looked at existing drill logs and other information to refine the models we have built from the geophysical survey."

The following reports are now available through Geoscience BC's website or our Earth Science Viewer.

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2017-16 North-East BC Drilling Project Physical Log Descriptions and Interpretations

By Dr. Vic Levson, Ph.D., P.Geo. Quaternary Geosciences Inc. & Dr. Mel Best Bemex Consulting International

Geoscience BC Report 2017-16, prepared by Dr. Vic Levson, Quaternary Geosciences Inc., and Dr. Mel Best, Bemex Consulting International, details the results of a sonic drilling program conducted in 2017. Levson & Best studied the materials found in the holes to test the accuracy of the geological models built from geophysical data collected by helicopter in 2015. Eleven holes were drilled at eight sites chosen from the geophysical survey, and installed groundwater monitoring wells at two of the sites.

Sands and gravels deposited during the last ice-age, approximately 25 000 years ago were encountered in each of the holes. Levson and Best recorded the materials intercepted in the holes before the drillers inserted PVC pipe into the boreholes to allow for further testing.

2017-18 Petrophysical Interpretation on Six Shallow Wells in the Peace Region of BC

By Yevgen Mykula, Consultant

Consultant Yevgen Mykula, examined the geophysical logs from the six shallow wells drilled by Geoscience BC (Geoscience BC Report 2017-16). The six wells were analysed to characterize sediment types and determine properties needed for the modeling of regional aquifers.

2017-17 Summary Report on the Proposed Water Well Locations for Halfway River First Nation Area

By Vic Levson, Ph.D., P.Geo. Quaternary Geosciences Inc. & Mel Best Bemex Consulting International

Quaternary Geosciences Inc. and Bemex Consulting International conducted an analysis of available geological and geophysical information near the Halfway River First Nation community. The objective of the analysis was to identify potential water well drill sites in the area that might help provide additional groundwater sources for the community. Targets close to the community are the most economically feasible, so the initial investigation focussed on the community area and then expanded outwards. Seven potential targets close to the community were identified.

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